We hope this helps in answering some of your initial questions:

Can we visit before deciding?

Yes. We allow visits with at a least two weeks notice. Venue visits need to be arranged beforehand, our venue is also our home therefore we ask that clients do not drop by without verbal permission and notice.

Can we use both the barn and meadow for the wedding and reception?

Yes. You may use one for the ceremony and the other for reception, however you’d like it.

Can setup the day before?

Unfortunately, no. Your rental agreement is for one day from 9am-10pm, and 2 hours of rehearsal during an available day the week of your wedding. We book weddings everyday of the week, therefore we cannot allow our clients to decorate prior to their purchased date/time as it may interfere with another booking.

Can I bring my own food and alcohol to my wedding?

Yes. We only allow beer and wine, no hard alcohol. However, there are no fees for bringing your own food and beverage, please drink responsibly, and enjoy! Refrigeration for bridal party only.

We are not sure yet which package we want, what do we do?

Simple, you are always allowed to upgrade your package up until the month before your wedding date. We do not allow clients to downgrade packages and cannot hold your date without a signed contract and deposit, so if you are unsure which package we suggest you book the Cavendish and can later upgrade to the Avonlea if you desire to do so.

What is your policy on alcohol and recreational drugs?

We do not allow any substances, including legal marijuana, on the premises. If substances are found, the violator will be asked to vacate the premises. Client will be required to pay a $500 violation fee. The clients accept all responsibility for his or her actions and all the actions of their guests in regard to alcohol/substance consumption. Alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Inn at Avonlea. Please respect our beautiful venue by drinking responsibly.

Do we need wedding insurance?

Yes. We recommend purchasing insurance through WedSafe.com. Prices vary based on wedding size and availability of alcohol, on average coverage costs $75-$175 and cover $500,000-$5,000,000. We require proof of purchase by showing a certificate of coverage.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding / Special Event Liability Insurance is a specialty insurance policy designed to protect and reimburse the named insured and/or Bride and Groom from certain types of claims and losses arising from accidents taking place during the wedding, reception, and rehearsal. Subject to the specific coverage terms, conditions and exclusions, wedding liability coverage can offer protection for the wedding couple if they are found liable for things such as damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, bodily injury to guests or even alcohol-related accidents.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, under no circumstances is the deposit refundable. Once booked, the deposit is due and the date of your wedding/event is held and no other events will be available for booking on that day, for that reason we cannot refund deposits. The deposit will be applied to the cost of your selected wedding option. The final payment will be due 30 days prior to the wedding date. Once you have selected a date and package, a contract will be signed by both parties to guarantee your booking.

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